colson whitehead nails it

a reasonable take on the twitter situation. this pulltweet pretty much nails it. – this tweet has since been deleted. meta location: minneapolis, mn

March 9, 2023 · steve ulrich

2022 media diet

movies the eyes of tammy faye - i still cannot believe that this was jessica chastain. but tammy faye does come off looking better than i recall her being in the 80s. the lost daughter - uh, good, i guess? i could not get into it. the power of the dog - talk about a slow burn. brilliant. love and monsters - fumb dun the last duel - great, now i’m thinking about my heirs....

December 31, 2022 · sulrich

herd immunity?

random notes: COVID-omicron it’s been personally interesting to see how many of our initial assumptions/thoughts around pandemic recovery have turned out to be utterly useless. vaccines were supposed to deliver us the ability to develop herd immunity. fortunately, for COVID-wuhan they seem to have. but the never ending train of variants afflict those of us who’ve been vax’ing to the max. albeit to greater or lesser degrees of severity. it’s clear that COVID-omicron is worse than a case of the sniffles for many fully vax’d folks....

July 2, 2022 · steve ulrich

reading: the planet remade

the planet remade author: oliver morton ISBN: 9780691148250 overview - initial notes the premise - yes, the world is going to see significant impacts from climate change and that these risks are worthy of addressing and yes, moving off of carbon based energy (read, fossil fuels) will be incredibly difficult. so, what are you going to do about it? misc. notes termination shock - as a term is a legit thing....

January 1, 2022 · steve ulrich